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Applying to selective colleges is very competitive. IvyMap helps you manage your applications and your time.

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We build a personalized easy to follow schedule for you. IvyMap helps you handle complex multi-part applications including:

  • Applications
  • Supplements
  • Essays
  • Activities Lists
  • Testing
  • College Visits
  • Interviews
  • And more...
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IvyMap creates a personalized spreadsheet for you to check application details. You can easily find all the requirements and deadlines for each of your applications.

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IvyMap is your own virtual assistant that helps you stay organized. IvyMap sends you email reminders to keep you on track.

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IvyMap helps you tackle all of your admissions applications. The college of your dreams is just an application away.

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IvyMap reduces the risk of submitting incomplete applications. We make every application part and each due date easy to control.

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College Application Tools

Free College Match List

Personalized Overlap Schedule

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Take our quiz, we will send you a college match list.

The first step in picking your list of colleges is to match your profile with recently admitted applicants. IvyMap will prepare a list that fits your interests and record.

Using your college list, we will build your personal timeline.

Your personalized application overlap schedule will assist you in making the best use of your time each week. We send email reminders to keep you on target.

Application Elements Tracker

Tips and FAQ

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Using your college list, we will assemble your worksheet.

IvyMap will prepare your online spreadsheet of all the application parts and due dates for your schools to help you keep track of all the sections.

  • Common and Universal Applications
  • College Application Supplements
  • Essays and Personal Statements
  • College Visits and Interviews
  • Activities List, Testing, and more…

Customer Feedback

The IvyMap plan helped my son apply to his top 8 schools. I can’t imagine the process without it. There were hundreds of requirements to track!

S.M., Brooklyn, NY

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